Imagine where you’ll be this time next year...

if you follow your vision instead of your fear.


Imagine where you’ll be this time next year...

if you follow your vision instead of your fear.

Are you ready to unlock new opportunities to thrive and build a business that will continue to grow no matter what comes your way?

  • Today is a defining moment in your journey as a yoga business owner.

You’re at a crossroads and the path you’ve been on has brought you here. 

You know that your gifts are transformational. You’re already creating an impact in your community and you know you have so much more to give. 

You’re ready to connect deeper into your potential and share your gifts loud and proud with true authenticity.

To everyone else, you’re flying!

What they don’t see are the endless hours, hustle and grind.

You long for the day when you won’t be exchanging your time for money, when freedom is a given and you finally have spare time to do things for yourself. 

What you need right now is guidance from a Visionary who understands the decisions that are needed to break free. 

Decisions that allow you to automate, to delegate and to finally take control of your business so that you too can step into the shoes of the visionary. 

That role is very different. And it requires a support system so that you can lead and grow a truly sustainable and profitable business. 

You see, this defining moment is you levelling up.

It’s you at the end of one chapter and moving into the next. And with that comes different challenges and decisions. 

Challenges and decisions you, thankfully, don’t have to face on your own. 

This new virtual world brings new rules, new behaviours, new challenges.

And also new opportunities.

This is what you've been training for, my friend!

It requires you to dig deeper than ever before. innovate and pivot and to step into a new way of making money, finding students and scaling your business. 

This new chapter in your journey requires you to fully commit, even if you don’t have it all figured out.

Everything you desire is 100% possible but you are exponentially more likely to get there when your vision can be guided from a visionary with the right experience.

And that’s where I come in!


Hi, I'm Kelly!

Founder of Digital Yoga Academy, educator and coach for yoga business owners who want to step out of their limitations and into confidence, abundance, and success! 

Within just three years, I turned this passion project of mine into a multiple six-figure company and now I get to teach you what I’ve discovered along the way so that you can create this type of abundance in your business and life too. 

What lights me up more than anything is to personally support and serve entrepreneurial yoga teachers - the driven ones who get it, the action takers who are truly showing up, the entrepreneurs who are fully committed and will do what it takes to create online businesses that create a global impact.

Those are my dream clients who I want to give my undivided support and attention to.

If that's you, let this be an invite you don't want to turn down!

Are you the right fit for Mentorship?

Is this you?

  • You’re driven, ambitious and relentless in your approach! 
  • You’re already consistently making 2 to 5k a month and you’re struggling to get to the next level
  • Your goal is to exponentially grow your online yoga business over the next 12 months
  • You’re fully connected to your purpose and growing a conscious business that creates a positive impact 
  • You’re committed to doing the work to break through limiting beliefs so that you can upgrade your mindset and confidence 
  • You are actively seeking the right mentor and coach to support you in all areas of your business
  • You are eager to learn from someone who has scaled to multiple six figures in the yoga space 
  • You are serious about learning and applying new sales, marketing and digital techniques to attract new audiences and nurture these relationships to conversion 

Ultimately you’re ready to invest in high-touch mentorship and next-level accountability so that you can finally realise your full potential.

Inside the Mentorship, you'll receive three one-to-one sessions each month, plus weekly Voxer messaging support and full access to Digital Yoga Academy online courses.

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