Confidently grow & nurture your super yogi tribe

and finally start building a profitable online yoga biz


Here's what you'll learn...

Growing your online community is the first step to take if you’re serious about turning your business into a sustainable and profitable yoga business - one that brings in $5k, $10k or more months.

  • The essential ingredient for growing a community of ideal students
  • Where best to spend your time and energy to grow and nurture your community
  • The social media channel that’s widely under-utilised by yoga teachers but can bring huge results when used in the right way

Hey Yoga Teacher!

It's ok if you're not sure where to start (I'll help you figure that out!).  

It's ok if you don't feel like an "expert" yet (I'll help you overcome that imposter syndrome too!).  

It's ok if you have a small community (I'll share my strategies for growing yours). 

Now is the time to take the leap from fear to passionate and excited about building an online yoga business.  

Teaching online is how I've built a six-figure business with multiple $50k+ program launches using strategies I'll be sharing with you.  

I've also supported hundreds of yoga teachers to take their teaching online over the last year - teachers like Bridget Pallas who has 4x'd her income.  

Join me to discover how you too can create a sustainable and profitable online yoga business - and that starts with growing your online community!

Kelly x
Founder & CEO
Digital Yoga Academy